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Disclosure of days 22/ 23 and 24 of Tir and those missing on Khordad 1388 (May/June 2009) (13/14/15/July/ 2009)

Disclosure of days 22/ 23 and 24 of Tir and those missing on Khordad 1388 (May/June 2009)
(13/14/15/July/ 2009)

In the name of human identity
Witness the crimes of the Islamic Republic in July 2009:
This person was the supporter of Mr. Ahmadinejad and the reasons is that: Because of his poor family situation and as his mother was working for long time in Tehran’s main cemetery (beheshte zahra). Prior to the election Mr. Ahmadinejad use to give bonuses to employees, which was more like a bribe and give him and his family a place to live in a remote place in exchange of a vote.
In July 2009 the staff at Tehran’s Beheshte Zahra were told that they need to work during 22, 23, 24 (13/14/15) of July due to a massive arrival of corpse! Which they need to bury in three nights. The mother gives her son notice, who is a young student.
Days and nights past, it comes the day that they need to do the work at nights! The young boy leaves his personal work on hold and tells his mother that he will take her to work (Behesht Zahra). But the boy’s mother says: they will send a service at midnight! Her son is surprised but says nothing!
That night is gone and his mother comes back at seven in the next morning. The mother looked upset and distort, her son insists that why she is upset? His mother does not reply and talk about something else, to make her son forget about it, and because of her physical and mental fatigue, she goes to sleep!!!
The next night the mother again goes to work at 12 midnight and return with the same fatigue!!!
The second day and night ends!!! On the last night, the July 24th, she returns at about 8.00 am which would be July 25th, the boy hear a vigorous cry, he jumps from his sleep! Quickly goes to his mother and sees her distress and asks her what is happening? The mother is not responding!!! The young boy notice ink on her hand and guess that she had to give an undertaking!? Because this has happened before. Eventually she had to tell her son and at the beginning of talking to her son, she said that she had to give undertaking that in the event she speak out, her family will be destroyed, in staged crash. It is very important not to risk and keep everything secret.
After this, the mother begins to expose the three shameless nights 22, 23 and 24 July. (13/14/15)
The night of 22nd (13 July 2009):
Me and the rest of the employees of Behesht Zahra, got together in the room where the bodies being washed. In this place, there were frozen bodies overlapping each other and it was taken over by many officers.
One of the officers in charge started talking: “ the bodies were brought from the border, and they killed in conflict with us”! All of them are traitors and hypocrite! All of them must be buried before sunrise without anybody finding out! He explained that if any of us talk about this, we put our family’s life in danger, anyway he scared everyone! And we all had signed an undertaking. Everyone took a position, as the bodies were defrosting, blood was running on the floor and the smell of shit took over!?
It seems that it was raining blood on the innocent bodies of the persons which was about to be buried without their families knowing!?
Among the bodies there were 2 young girls, and 3 young women, which had a blow to their heads probably caused by torture, in a bad way! Severe rupture in the face and body, and a severe fracture in some of the bone, it was very heart breaking!
The night of 23rd (14 July 2009):
On that night the number was several more and I realized that the bodies related to the conflict between police, Government with people and all the bodies relating to street protests, and not the borders conflict?!
In this night our number was too low and could not finish before the sunrise, we informed the officers that it is not possible to finish before the sunrise.
The officer in charge shouted and said:
They should be all ready before dawn, for burial, and it was here that for the first time, a few men’s body moved in to our section, we objected to this! Their head came and screamed with anger: these are all a prostitute and corrupt so there is no problem! Just do your job and work that is not related to you, do not interfere!!!
After a short dispute all of us along with the men started to wash and put cotton on injured body on …….. Carried on!
That night the corpses suffered a fracture, of the mouth and jaw, there were blood cloths between the legs: and in a brutal way they were raped!!!
In the evening almost 14 or 15 were ready for burial and many of them just wrapped in bedding!!!
Many of the bodies buried in the section 210 and 320, and some was taken to an unknown location. That night the doors were secured and the place was heavily guarded for committing this crime.
The night of 24th (15 July 2009):
In this night, same as other nights work was done, except the bodies were not even wrapped and just buried, and only buried!!!
This fact was exposed by someone who has a responsibility in Beheshte Zahra. Quickly I went to the section 210 and 320 to take some photos and produce this report for your information.

The hope for freedom of Iran and Iranian
Bahman Moradian pey {Bahman Behnood}