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Letter of Bahman Moradian Pey to Ali Khamenei

The letter by Bahman Moradian pey to Khamenei

Tuesday, May 11, 2010- --21 Ordebhesht 1389 01: 05: 46 UTC 1330

Letter of Bahman Moradian Pey to Seyed Ali Khamenei motivation
"Double motivation", "Double work"

Why not breathing?
How does the earth breathe?
The glorious spring, and
The dawn of farvardin
All snow left
Replaced by the flowers
Glow all the colours
The land we learn,
Not to retrieve from the conflict
Unless lower than earth?
The is breathing
Why can’t we breathe?

In the name of human identity

The letter I write for you: Honorable Khamenai

I hope somehow, the spiritual hand you always talking about, passes in front of your eyes.
And hoping for answer!! But hesitating from one answer!!!

Mr. Khamenei, you are a relatively dignified leader but only for some insider people, which of course need you for their own interest. May be your question is that why the writer of this letter Bahman Moradian pey, start with the sentence of “in the name of human identity”??!!

I, unlike you, accept willingly all the critics and suggestion about me, which is opposite you. My personality is to answer and be responsible. I will explain and explore this matter for you.

I am not a servant to any religious ideology and respect the identity of all human being with any taste. I praise wise conduct and wisdom ethics for this reason I began my letter with the name of human identity.
Me and you have many differences and totally in conflict with each other. You surrogate yourself to mental images and superstitious, but I know myself as a human being with intellectual left-oriented and with the theory of Karl Marx.

The basis of my behavior drives from the wise conduct, but you are one of the Iran and the world most ill-mannered of human morality and better to say: you exonerate all worlds’ dictators.

You do not leave Iran but wait till your opposition leave Iran. You killed many Iranian people and young innocent, you are the cause of all recent crimes after the election.

I respect the identity and any ideology, but you accept one party, the party that has to do with blood, murder, crime, rape, and you only view the ethical behavior of the few fascist that circle round you. They are who do as you say, from murdering, the bombing, rape and crimes against the innocent people of Iran. As a prominent attribute in every man, I recognize his identity: the exact attribute that do not exist in you. Of course, my intention is not to disturb your mood, even all your minor support have problem with the same wording.

Mr. Khamenei, now I would ask you a question:

I wanted to inquire and to know why the year 89 (2010) is given such a name?
"Double motivation", "Double work"
Why you stained this year with blood? I have and will visualize your face.

Yes, I know, you do not have a convincing answer!!!! Yes you do not have anything else but shame. At this time, also like the last time, I make the question and the answers myself.
"Double motivation", "Double work"

Double motivation is for the repression of the people. This means that, to use all your effort to stop republic of “Valayet Fagheh” falling. (Guardian Council)

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Accepting and protecting the insider and overlooking the others and physically destroying the harmless!

Of course, firstly you must be ask whether you know the meaning of insider, others and harmless and what is your logic for identifying them? I'm sure that you have no answer in this case, too, so I will answer it!

Your empty impression, transfer this thoughts, that the one who dissolve within the fascist party of Valayet Fagheh, is the insider otherwise the rest are capable of being destroyed!!

Let alone that the others be educated, open minded intellectual!

In this case, they class as opposition against the revolution and connect them to a party! Thus a quick order of destruction by the Savak (Ministry of information). It's the same thing that the fascist party, over the years, is engaged in crimes against humanity and for continuing violations of human rights in Iran are clear and evident.

And the Republic of fascist party of Valayet Fagheh, remains on the list of the most criminal countries in the world.
"Double motivation", "Double work"

Spending people’s money for wrong activity!

"Double motivation", "Double work"

With people’s money, buying cars, arms, weapons from traitor countries such as China and Russia! and all of the weapons use against their own people in a most brutal way torture and rape!

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Fear of eternal green flag of Iran!
Still there is the evidence that Islamic Republic ordered the blue colour replacing the green, in the highway of Tehran.

And I remember after the destruction, how the green colour of the proud Iran, unified blue, and your people with no shame said: it has been the reflection of light!

And few days after the gathering that this was or better I say; economic saboteur of Iran, and how the green colour of the flag of three colours become black and the Fars broadcasts associated it with the picture of the brotherhoods and easily by passed it !

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Remove the green colour of all the organs of the State and the city and country!

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Remove the green colour of the street grid and converting it to black and white, and after a short time with the people's money, turned them to green and white!

Mr. Khamenei for me this is a question as why you showed no reaction and will not show any reaction!?!? Why do you not object to this kind of issues? Why the money that should be spent for the integration of the nation, is wasted, or pours in your pockets?

Why is the street crossing changing color or another design or turn into a shamble by experts and when people are protesting they will turn back to original??!!
Is this "Double motivation", "Double work”?!?! is this the people rights to lose the financial resources and financial interests?!

You the honorable should response to all of this steps and interests,???!!!

Of course, in the future and not so far away!!:
Why the wiser do something
That brings regret!

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Eliminate the view and change the color of facial of the consulate that votes for your stupidity, nuclear weapons!

These kinds of invaluable behavior bring shame in International nations to Iran and the Iranian people. Why don’t you objects to those ignorance, protesting in front of consulate in Iran, yet the security forces support them too!

Why with your thoughts, grow a violence custom in the society, by giving such an order?

In your view throwing eggs and stones and ... to the French Embassy, make Mr. Sarkozy change his mind and supports your nuclear weapons and the crimes??! Or turn his back to the international sanctions, on the land that you are riding on?!

By destroying the name of the Rome Street and Consulate of Italy by way of the criminals act do not changes the corruption in the Valayat Fagheh or perhaps you think that the Government of Italy agree with those evil thoughts?!

No, unfortunately you and criminal gang are wrong.

Because all this barbarian act goes against you personally.

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Preventing student from study for life or silencing student?

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Harassment for the President of Iran, H.E. Mr. Mousavi and his wife Dr. Rahnavard!

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Violent attack in front of Karobi and harassing his family, and hitting, beating his children. Why? Because they disclosed all your crimes? This is the Islamic culture that you are proud of!

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Torture and harassment for political activists!

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Preventing Mr. Khatami, the former popular President of the people leaving the country!

"Double motivation", "Double work"
Taking away peace and rights to vote of nations, in any way you could!
Mr. Khamenai, these are some of the crime and evil habit of your fighters. You and those few who surrounding you are wrong and making mistake, stinking of smell, which can be smell over the whole country and you left no way to reform.
Hi,hi to you the unjust, hi, hi to you………….
This farm is flooded
And the farmer is still sleep.

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Facing people with weapon

"Double motivation", "Double work"


"Double motivation", "Double work"

Shutting up the voices of the protesters in the throat!

"Double motivation", "Double work"

Promote the employment of those accused of murder and crimes in Kahrizak prison!

"Double motivation", "Double work"

The protesters buried in anonymous graves!

"Double motivation", "Double work" means

Rape girls and women, of pure land of Iran in the prisons!
Mr. Khamenei, do you see?! You’re the one which claims Islam and successor; you are violating the Islam code of conduct, and act opposite. I have to say that you do this in a perfect way that no dictator in the world has done! Unfortunately you destroyed the law and believe in your principle.
Principle in your view is not to lose your clergy turban, and kingdom, committed many crimes for this in Iran!

Mr. Khamenei, my suggestion to you, study the history of the fascist, and learn from them. Mussolini was like you an adulterer, and eventually was destroyed with the false beliefs that he was ruling. The anti-fascist partisans, after, removing fascist, Mussolini and the high ranking fascist were hanged in Italy!

"Double motivation", "Double work" means

Trying to raise the inflation and pressure on people!

You try to raising inflation, and use it as leverage against the people. The more pressure on people, they try to eliminate you and your system, is up to the neck in the corruption and crime.

You should know in the end your Kingdom system will be lost ...

We as a Green nation have already trailed you and the responsible in the international courts, and all those who have violated people’s Rights, receive their punishments.

To quote by the official President of the country of Iran, Mir-Hossein Mousavi:

Change is a quality that echo in the society and till the situation has not reach is critical point, hand over the government, and return the peace to country and people.

Bahman Moradian Pey

19/2/89 (9/May/2010)